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Creating an Online solution for MEM Training

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Erisort Risk Management have recently developed “E-Sim” – an online Major Emergency Management training suite.

The E-Sim has been developed to train people in managing emergencies effectively. Incorporating all the elements typically found within a normal Major Emergency Management Training Suite the E-Sim provides a fully functional online solution and addresses the challenge of training people safely.

With a range of simulations covering both onshore and offshore operations, the E-Sim fully replicates an Emergency Command Centre and includes the Process Systems, Detection Systems, Communications, and Information Management typically found on a facility. Although the trainers and learners may be far apart, the immersive quality of the simulations and teaching methods means that there is no degradation in the quality of the product delivered. Added to this, the savings in travel and logistics, and the reduction of the risks that people may be exposed to in comparison to a traditional training environment mean that E-Sim can offer safe and cost effective training solution.

Speaking at its launch Dougie Macleod, Managing Director of Erisort Risk Management commented “2020 has brought huge challenges for our industry globally. Solutions that 6 months ago would have seemed alien, are now common practice and what we can achieve from a remote location has expanded enormously. The emergence of Covid-19 has changed the training environment, how we do business and how companies and individuals feel about attending training. It was these health, logistical and cost challenges that drove us develop this solution”.

One of the biggest challenges in developing the E-Sim has been ensuring that the quality and value for money clients are used to by attending traditional training have not been diluted in this online solution.

“At the beginning of this journey we were unsure if it would be possible to create a solution that met our desire to maintain a level of realism and quality, whilst also ensuring the safety of our staff and learners. However, working with our key partners we are proud of the solution created and believe it is a game-changer in how to safely train managers and key personnel in managing the response to emergencies”

You can find out more at

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