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Could an onsite training solution be right for your business?

Onsite Major Emergency Management Training. A flexible solution designed around your organisation's needs.

A few weeks ago, Erisort Risk Management launched E-Sim, its online Major Emergency Management Training Simulator. This new way of training and assessing people in responding to and managing emergencies can offer a safe, cost efficient, low carbon and flexible solution.

However, that isn't the only way we can support an organisation and its people. This week I wanted to discuss one of our other flexible solutions when it comes to safely training people in managing an emergency response.

Onsite MEM Training

Our Mobile Training Unit is a portable Major Emergency Management Simulator that we can take to any location.

We created this mobile simulator to provide a comprehensive solution designed to replicate an Emergency Command Centre and to address the challenges that an organisation can face in trying to develop their workforce through attending a traditional training centre.

Our mobile simulator is lightweight, easily transported by our staff and contains all the systems and information that would be found in a traditional simulator.


The benefits of our onsite solution:


Effective time management is something that we all strive to achieve.

By bringing our solution to you we will reduce any downtime that might normally be associated with having to attend a training course. This benefits both the organisation and the trainees.

Cost efficiencies

The cost of sending staff on training can be huge. Added to this, logistical challenges of visas, manpower planning and coordination can in some cases make the investment in training difficult to justify. By bringing our mobile training and our staff to you, we reduce the cost and logistical challenge of sending a group of people to a training centre.

Reduction of your Carbon Footprint.

We all have a responsibility to try to reduce our impact on the environment.

By allowing us to come to your location we can help to reduce the amount of travel that delegates must undertake.

An example of this reduction was demonstrated when delivering a training course onsite which removed the need for 12 delegates to travel to the UK from Europe - this saved over 300 Tonnes of CO2e of carbon.

A flexible solution.

Being flexible is one of the key benefits we can bring to your organisation. We believe that training should be tailored to meet the needs of an organisation. We design our solution in consultation with you. Our range of simulation models include onshore and offshore facilities.

Our onsite solution could be the answer for your organisation.

For more information contact us at

Visit to find out more about the services we can offer.

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